Friday, May 4, 2007

Dress for Success. Why do women equate successful shoppping with a successful life?

I decided long ago that trying to determine if an outfit looks good while in a store dressing room was an experience that might make me ready for the therapy couch. I am already in an uncomfortable state of mind just looking at myself mostly undressed under fluorescent lights, worrying about the price and worrying about who had this one before me and did she shower? Yeah, I think about that stuff. That's why I decided to order clothing online, try it on at home with a glass of champagne and a bowl full of strawberries ready for consumption. I hate shopping for clothes...ok that's not true. I hate trying on clothes in store dressing rooms. So I do it in the comfort of my own home.

So many women equate successful shopping with living a successful life that if we don't feel good in the items we try on then we feel like we are a failure. Stop the insanity! Sweetie if you love the dress but it doesn't fit do not buy it thinking that you will lose a few pounds. If you do lost weight it will be out of style byt then anyway. Do not buy it just because you like the lace trim. Only buy it when you love it. There really are clothes that fit you, made just for your body type and you will feel good in them and look like you just got an Oprah Makeover.

We'll be reviewing some plus size shopping tips over the next few days so stay tuned and please post a comment letting me know what info you want. I am planning on discussing How To Shop for Swimsuit (it's that time), How to Measure Yourself for a Bra (it's always that time), and Accessories for Your Body Type.

On a personal note -- while we were on vacation in Mexico not too long ago, my friend Deb convinced me to buy a pair of earrings and a bracelet. Both are silver and quite large pieces that I would never have looked at twice if she hadn't been there to talk sense into me. She is a master of accessories and I will usually just run out the door happy that my hair looks decent...and honestly sometimes I don't even check my hair until I'm in the car. I wore the pieces to a party recently and I have never received so many compliments on how I look. So now Deb is my accessory consultant. Sometimes you just need a friend as a shopping buddy. I know I do!


Anonymous said...

I tend to freak a little when I go shopping for clothes. I can't stand those communal fitting rooms and a few years ago, there were some stores in Australia that had communal rooms, but I think they were phased out as I haven't seen them but tried it once, (for five seconds, entering the fitting room area, and backing out of the room)'ve reminded me of the pair of maroon/red jeans (don't ask lol) that I bought, thinking that I'd fit into them...five years ago...and they're still hanging in my wardrobe.\

There's a great selection of clothing via online catalogues.

Corinna Makris said...


Good to see you!

I encourage my readers to visit my online mall at This Lush Life for plus size women's clothes. I've got the stores listed by style to make it easier to find what you want.

Maroon jeans huh? You can borrow my sheer black top sitting on a shelf in the back of my closet (don't ask!) and wear the outfit to any NYC club in 1985. Now where did I leave that time machine?

Sheena said...

I like to go shopping with my daughter because when I need something in another size or more stuff to try on, she gets them for me and I don't have to get dressed and do it myself. Also once when I tried on a jacket I thought was too tight I asked her if it made me look like a slut and she said no, you look like you should go on a date.

Re communal fitting rooms, awful, you can have scary experiences there. Once in NYC I entered one, hung my stuff to try on on an empty hook and a crazed person suddenly approached me screaming, "That's my hook!" I made a quick getaway.