Monday, August 6, 2007

BlogHer 2007 in Pictures

I had absolutely the most amazing time at the BlogHer 2007 Conference. It was inspiring, educational and really really fun.

I will share with you specifics about the sessions over the next couple of weeks but tonight I must go to sleep early as tomorrow I leave my house at 5:00 a.m. for the airport and the 11th Annual BBW Network Las Vegas Bash!

It's another great party and I am very excited about being there and seeing all my friends and making new ones.

One thing I want to share about BlogHer 07 that just can't wait is that I got all wrapped in this fun contest that the mommy masterminds behind Cool Mom Picks created. A BlogHer 07 Photo Scavenger Hunt!

I had a great time with this. It gave me a reason to meet so many more people than I
would have. If not for the scavenger hunt (and my slightly competitive nature) I probably would have only hung out with those bloggers whose names I was familiar with who write about similar subjects as I do here on this blog. But because of the game I talked to everybody and met website marketers, tech gurus, mommmies and more mommies, and crafters.

Check out my entry to the contest here:

And while you're at it try your hand at making a Scrapblog yourself. A little tip from me ... save often. I learned the hard way.

That's it for tonight. Wish me luck at the Craps Table.