Monday, July 2, 2007

New Post Coming Soon...really

After days of being frustrated I have decided to just lay my truth bare on the screen and level with you dear readers -- I have lost the cord that connects my digital camera to my laptop. The laptop is working perfectly fine, and so is the camera. Now if only I could get these two kids to play nice together I could show you how much fun I had interviewing fashion designer Monif C. But no. They will not play nice together without that missing cord and I have decided to give up on being frustrated and just go out and buy a new cord, which truthfully frustrates me in a completely different way. Not in a good way like when you are looking forward to having a really delicious dinner in your favorite restaurant and the chef has refused to serve what his underlings have prepared because it is not worthy of your demanding palate and even though you are frustrated because you are hungry and you want your favorite dinner you are so completely flattered by the attentions of the chef that you are happy to wait. This of course has never happened to me but I imagine that I would be flattered. No I am frustrated in the same way that you might be when you oversleep on Monday morning only to realize that you have missed the garbage collection and while the bag in your kitchen is so ripe that it could have walked to the dump itself, it seems to have overslept also and missed its ride so now you have to live with this smelly heap of trash for another week. I am that kind of frustrated.

I am going to Chicago next week for the convention and I will have laptop, digital camera and the cord of connectedness between the two. My plan is to continue blogging, intrepid blogger that I am, even while away from home to bring you all the convention news that is fit to type. I know that you will appreciate my efforts because I am feeling the love. Right now...through the keyboard. umm...maybe I shouldn't have had that second glass of wine?

Anywho, (oooh did I just type the make believe word anywho???...I can't believe I typed that!) I'll have the much anticipated interview with the glmorous Monif C. for you tomorrow. Operators are standing by.

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*Rae* said...

You do know now that you got a new cord the other one will show up it happends to me every flippin time lol..Have a good time at the convention