Monday, November 19, 2007

Boston Legal let me down

Denny Crane Fires an Associate for Being Too Fat. Court Rules "Denny is a jerk."

Sadly this did not happen.

I am totally disappointed. Really. I suppose I had no right to expect more but I did.

I thought that perhaps we would hear them cite the differing medical information about weight and weight loss, or a spirited discussion about how ideal body types have changed over the centuries and vary greatly between cultures.

But none of this was written for the show. Merely one lawyer whining that it's not fair to be picked on for being fat and Alan Shore whining about how you might be doing a fat person a favor by pointing out that they are fat because maybe they didn't notice.

I really feel this was a missed opportunity...but they didn't call and ask me about their script before filming. Oh well, maybe next time.


Tari said...

Yeah, I really enjoyed the "tough love" approach they championed. Because calling someone a hippo always makes them more likely to be happier and healthier. And belittling people is a proven method for making them thinner.

Oh, wait, no it's not. There aren't any proven methods of making people thinner.

Anonymous said...

And of course we wouldn't notice we are fat, not without those wooonnnnderful, perceptive thin people to point it out....
~eighties moment here~
Ch'yeah right!