Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Shout Out: My pal Roberta is a blogging star!

Have you been watching Mad Men on AMC? No? Well my friend my friend Robertathinks you oughta. The writing is smart, the characters are sharp, the plots are interesting and they are winning awards like crazy.

The official Mad Men website has featured Roberta and her sister Deborah's blog as the Mad Men Blog of the Week!

Roberta and Deborah can often be found leaving witty and profound comments on Shapely Prose, so their names might be familiar to you.

They are so in love with this show that they started a blog to proclaim their Mad Men love to the world. It's so cool that they have been noticed and given a corporate high-five by the executives upstairs and I want everyone to know!

Roberta, please don't forget about me when you are attending fancy Hollywood Mad Men parties. I might even watch the show now.


Anonymous said...

I have watched Mad Men and agree that it is well-written and acted. But no, I am not a fan or regular viewer. You see, I am too old to enjoy Mad Men. I actually lived through the bad old days of gender abuse in its many guises. I knew those would-be or actual abusers. And I experienced the time when there were no such things as laws to protect women in the workplace, "no means no" as a phrase which is comprehended and accepted, and the realization by women that they could speak up when exposed to disgusting behavior.

Yes, I realize that there are many positives about this program but it still touches a raw nerve. I tried to make clear to my daughters when they were growing up that they must not take gender equality for granted; too many women have fought for it for it all to be in vain. Great changes in society can bring about social regression. But at least I think my daughters are aware that the status of women must be treasured and protected.

Fat Bastardo said...

Stop by and read about the next phase in fat acceptance.

Professor Paul