Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Celebrate My Every Curve

I Celebrate My Every Curve

This happened to me the other night
A guy in a bar wanted to fight
He gave me a look as if to say
That seeing me had ruined his day
That he would rather kiss a toad
Or lick the asphalt off the road
Than sit at the bar knee to knee
With a girl as fat as me.

He said that I would look so pretty
If only I were itty bitty
And did I not realize the fact
That even though I am truly stacked
No man would ever really want me
Because fat girls just aren't as sexy
As those other women with no hips
Whose flat bellies make him lick his lips.

I suppose I could have made a scene
Maybe kick his leg and say things mean
But then I thought that instead of spite
I'd consider his personal plight
A man might feel betrayed or hurt
Shocked by his own desire to flirt
With a buxom curvy beauty
Instead of a slender narrow cutie.

Bombarded on a daily basis
With images of smooth young faces
Certain the only shape he'd feel
Has rock hard abs and buns of steel
Although he might long for a bride
With cleavage deep and backside wide
Coping with ridicule and abuse
A single man might get the blues.

Every magazine he's read
Tells him to get me into bed
By finding some sort of common ground
And surely no woman wants to be round
So he thought he'd strike up a chat
About how terrible it is to be fat
And while his pickup line was lame
I refuse to walk the path of shame.

I've got no interest in diet fads
I change the channel on workout ads
I'd rather have delicious lunches
Than execute one hundred crunches
Country walks and chats by the fire
Glasses of wine with friends who inspire
I'll never agree to do without
Being hungry makes me pout.

I told him that he would be surprised
By the softness of my thighs
And yes I jiggle when I wiggle
My body shakes with every giggle
And when I sit around the house
I know you're looking down my blouse
So even though you've got some nerve
I celebrate my every curve.

Corinna Makris
February 5, 2007


Natalia said...

Oh I love this. I am a big girl. And I have met so many men who actually crave my body. Yes, I am working on losing weight. But it's not to please a man. I want to be healthier. But this is a lovely poem that makes all of us larger lasses smile a bit broader.


Anonymous said...

Ah, how I am a sucker for a rhyming poem about curvy women. Very thought-provoking (about the men under pressure to like slender women) and inspiring!

Corinna Makris said...


Of course they crave your body! Men prefer women with curves. Every survey proves that you, my dear, have the ideal body type that men adore.

Visit and you may find that there are some very valid disagreements about weight and health.

Good to see you again! Thank you for your comments. I am so happy to hear you feel inspired. Have you had a chance to read my post in response to your comment about shrinking airline seats? Let us know how your trip goes.

All my best,
Corinna Makris

Anonymous said...

Cheers to you! My husband likes my curves...No sharp corners that go bump in the night! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I love it, the rhythm and the statements you make. A recent scientific paper (I think from Canada) discussed the importance of the feminine 'jiggle' in attraction; how all the males (shown a jiggle) tested responded to the jiggle. I gotta find that paper/article.

Peter Haslam said...

I enjoyed the poem and the attitude. Great stuff

Michael Stagg AKA Maikeru said...

I can affirm for you that there are plenty of men around - myself included - that enjoy a curvy woman. I have dated thinner women but would ALWAYS come back to my senses and date (and eventually marry) a curvy gal! Keep celebrating those curves and know that the fellas celebrate them too!