Monday, April 9, 2007

The Shrinking Size of Airline Seats

I respond to a comment to yesterday's post:

jumpinglegacy said...

I just HAD to comment on this. I'm registered for a retreat in california this August, and haven't made flight arrangements because I'm in a huge predicament- I'm on a limited budget, and have hips that will not, no matter how hard we all try, fit into one of those frickin' tiny seats that are child-sized. Not even average-person sized. The last thing I want to do is be shoved in to one of those damned seats for that period of time, imposing upon my neighbour's space because I don't have enough of my own. Sitting in my office chair and looking down, I need at least 20 inches for my hips to be comfortable.
I am angry with rage at airlines who's main goal is to shove as many people in as small a cabin as possible. How am I going to get my plus sized hips to the retreat without going broke?

Dear jumpinlegacy:

I can totally relate to your concern. I do have some tips for you.

1) American Airlines seems to have the widest seats on their domestic economy flights with the deepest pitch. Pitch is the distance between the rows. Check Seat Guru for specifics.

2) Ask for the exit row. You will find the most room between the rows in the exit row, which means more leg room, which means more comfort.

3) The last time I flew I had a window seat and faked a cold. It's true, I did. I coughed and sputtered and blew my nose when someone sat in the middle seat. I apologized and then muttered something about infectious bronchitis. The woman stood up and asked the flight attendant for another seat. I lifted the armrest between our two seats and had a very comfortable flight.

4) Of course, the trick to having an empty seat next to you depends on the flight not being sold out. Before you book your flight call the airline and ask customer service for a recommendation on what flight may have a few empty seats.

5) Visit This Lush Life my size positive online mall. Click on the category called "Tickle" and use the up/down arrow to scroll through many discount travel sites. These sites all over similar itineraries for different prices. Comparison shop for your flights.

6) Be happy! Think about how much fun you will have on your trip. Stress an rage will make you miserable. Be happy just because it feels good. Have fun just to have fun. It's reason enough.

Let us know if any of this helped you have a more comfortable trip and thank you again for your thought provoking post.