Monday, April 9, 2007

Squeeze Me

Dear Reader,

Just as I was getting ready to write a rant about the shrinking size of airline seats, Glen Johnson over at Full Figure Plus posted his own just yesterday. Rather than re-invent the wheel I strongly recommend you read his thought-provoking post.

However, since I am trying to have more opinions (eh-hem) I do have a few things I want to add.

Glen mentions the shrinking size of airline seats on discount carriers. I agree whole-heartedly with him that the discount carriers have smaller seats and I want to add that they are not the only ones squeezing their passengers. I have not written any airline companies to ask them their standard seat pitch, width and depth nor asked them to comment on this issue (I'm a blogger not an investigative reporter) but I have made extensive use of Seat Guru and also, using my own patented method, which I call "TushyMetrics" I can tell you that it isn't only discount carriers that ask me to squeeze my derriere into an unreasonably narrow seat.

Years ago Virgin Airlines was the cool airline. They were known for having a fun flight crew, fun freebies and comfortable seats. The last time I flew Virgin the airline staff was far from fun (they were absolutely snotty and I felt as though my being on the plane was an imposition to their having a quiet flight) and since comfort is now a thing of the past with international economy seats at 17.5", it was no fun for me as a passenger. The computer keyboard I am using to write this is about 18" wide and my legs feel numb just thinking about those narrow seats.

If Richard Branson called me and asked me to please reconsider flying his airline I would first send him a detailed account of how unpleasant my last flight was (two flight attendants actually stood at the front of the cabin loudly complaining that there were too many people on the flight and discussed a detailed plan to ignore us...which they did!) and then I would tell him to widen those seats baby because these hips of mine aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe he's lost a few brain cells spending too much time up in the thin atmosphere riding around in his hot air balloon? Who knows what will happen to the width of the seats when he goes into orbit?

Mr. Branson, I offer Virgin Airlines full and complete use of "TushyMetrics." Just drop me a line and I will gladly provide you with full measurements or even a plaster cast if you prefer, for your use in designing more comfortable, passenger friendly seats. Until then, American Airlines with a seat width of 18.5" is looking really good.


Lydia Burdick said...


Wonder if Richard will respond to you. Too bad that he probably won't, cause I'm thinking it would be good for business if he did (providing better customer service and all that.)

Keep up the good work!

love ya,

Lydia Burdick

jumpinglegacy said...

I just HAD to comment on this. I'm registered for a retreat in california this August, and haven't made flight arrangements because I'm in a huge predicament- I'm on a limited budget, and have hips that will not, no matter how hard we all try, fit into one of those frickin' tiny seats that are child-sized. Not even average-person sized. The last thing I want to do is be shoved in to one of those damned seats for that period of time, imposing upon my neighbour's space because I don't have enough of my own. Sitting in my office chair and looking down, I need at least 20 inches for my hips to be comfortable.
I am angry with rage at airlines who's main goal is to shove as many people in as small a cabin as possible. How am I going to get my plus sized hips to the retreat without going broke?

Glen said...

I think that you should patent "tushy metrics" and send it to the airlines. All of them becasue its no fun being on a flight and being stuffed into a seat that is only big enough for a child to fit in.

Corinna Makris said...

Thanks for your comment glj. I think you are right. I will patent "Tushy Metrics." Look for me in the Forbes 100.

hooterbrowne said...

"Squeeze Me" also means don't try and pick-up anything under the seat in front of you, eat normally, work on a computer, etc., because the person's head sitting in front of you is only 11" from your nose! I just measured this using a piece of paper on a trip back from Europe recently! I'm only 5'1" and can't even imagine what it's like for you who are 6'1"!