Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Greg Grunberg is Watching his Weight

The home page of the Weight Watchers website features an interview with Greg Grunberg (the cop on Heroes). Seems he's decided to lose some weight.

This looks to be part of a new Weight Watchers for Men publicity push. There is an old joke that when a woman gains weight she diets and when a man gains weight he buys larger pair of pants. Personally, I have always found a beefy guy extremely attractive.

Is there a way we can put a stop to this? Can we create a "Greg - Stay Healthy AND Hunky" Campaign? I don't think I want him to lose any weight...I think he is perfect exactly the way he is.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you! I love him on Heroes, and he's dead sexy. I wish he wasn't doing the Weight Watchers thing. I think he's very attractive just the way he is.

Unknown said...

I think he's cute and he was one of my favorite characters on "Heroes." All the guys on that show are so incredibly hunky, though, that he probably feels some pressure to buff up.

Anonymous said...

I love him on heroes!