Thursday, July 26, 2007

BlogHer Here I Come

Yes I know that I promised pics of my interview with the fantabulous Monif C., fashion designer to full figured movie stars.

Yes I know that I promised to give you all the details about the NAAFA convention.

Yes I know that I am leaving today for BlogHer and I have done none of the above.


How about I make it up to you when I get back ok?

Thank honey. I really appreciate it when you're so understanding.

See you next week!



Glen said...

How bout you slow down so that your head doesn't explode?

Anonymous said...

You are just too cute!

Unknown said...

Hope you got home safely and didn't have travel delays on the way back. I ended up having some glitches -- our bus showed up late and then broke down about 40 minutes out of Chicago, which meant a wait in a hot, stuffy vehicle for a new bus -- but got home OK anyway.

It was lovely rooming with you. I posted my pics of the W on flickr and will send you a link. I'll watch for your BlogHer review.

Shauna said...

Hi Corinna! Just wanted to say it was brilliant to meet you at BlogHer. And thank you for letting my touch your lovely curly hair, it is irresistable! ;) Hope you had a grand old time too and hope to see you next year!