Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My husband agrees with everything I say.

If I say something nice about my body/appearance he will absolutely agree by saying something wonderful and romantic like, "My wife is the hottest piece of ass." And then he'll grab me. See, isn't he charming? Seriously if he was on his deathbed and I was leaning in close to hear his final whispered words -- he would reach up and grab my boobs. He's a romantic, what can I say.

And if I say something that isn't so nice like, "I can't believe I ate so many mini crab cakes and mini quiches and mini spinach pies and crostini with olive tapenade and glasses of champagne at that party. Man what a pig." He will agree with that as well by saying something sweet and supportive like, "yeah I know you really are a pig. No wonder you're so fat. You know it's very simple - calories in...calories out." And then he laughs and laughs.

It has definitely made me more aware of what I say about myself when he's in the room. As I recently said in a comment at Shapely Prose, "it's really very loving. If you like your love with sharp teeth."


Unknown said...

My partner tells me things like "You are part of the obesity epidemic. Put down the Twinkie and no one gets hurt." Since I hate Twinkies and he knows it, we find this especially funny.

He also tells me how sexy I am. Yea for supportive men who don't give a damn what we weigh...

Rachel said...

Echo that Krista. My husband and I also have a deep-fried butter joke between us. What really irks me though, is how he'll never give me a definitive answer on things. Recent example: "Honey, do you like my hair blonde or red?" And he'll say, "I like both." GRRRR, very aggravating!

Glen said...

I tell my wife all the time I married a fat woman and that is what I expect to see. If she talks about losing weight I say I will support you in anything you do but if you loose to much weight I'm leaving you for a fat girl. Then I pinch her on the booty. VIVA LA FAT CHICKS!!!!!

Corinna Makris said...

I am rolling on the floor!!! You guys are hilarious!

Krista I don't much like Twinkies myself but I have been known to just eat the filling.

Rachel - He probably does like your hair both ways. I bet what's really important to him is whether or not you're smiling.

Glen - I just want to give you a big hug.

Comments like these make this whole blogging thing an amazing experience. Thank you.