Monday, December 10, 2007

Me and Fillyjonk both have a date New Year's Eve

Fillyjonk and I? Oh well..

It is just not possible for me to sit still and listen to Fillyjonk brag about her engagement bliss and read all the engagement stories accompanying her bragging, without doing some bragging of my own. After all I am still a newlywed and enjoying wedded bliss with my own big hunk of manliness! Aren't we cute? And for anyone who wants to know, here are the details of how we met.

In the above picture, I'm wearing the Lane Bryant black velvet dress seen in the sidebar. Usually, I would tell a full figured woman that an empire waist is a complete no-no. Tight right under the boobs and then a lot of fabric falling in a full sweep away from the body does not accentuate but rather makes you look like you are wearing a Muumuu on the set of Maude, but something about this dress works, at least for me. Perhaps because the under-boob gather is wide, perhaps because it's not too full -- whatever the reason it works and I thinks it looks fabby! It skims my hips perfectly and while I do think it shows a bit too much decolletage for the office party, it was just right for the fancy fundraiser we attended last night.

So tell me ladies, what are your holiday plans?


Anonymous said...

Oi! I wasn't bragging! :)

(I actually kicked myself pretty hard for leading the post with my being engaged... it's old news now and was just meant as a segue into the really good stories.)

And yes, you guys are adorable!

Rachel said...

I am so jealous of your looks-to-be-naturally curly hair. Mine has never even held a perm; I got it chopped short a long time ago. I've always envied anyone with Andy MacDowell or Minnie Driver.

As for our holiday plans... we usually spend them amongst our two families. None of our friends really hold Xmas parties, so unfortunately there's no opportunity to splurge and dress up. Yes, we are already an old boring married couple.

JoGeek said...

I'm going to a 1020's mobster-theme murder-mystery dinner party with a dozen or so friends on New Year's. The best part is that I get to play the "madam" at the brothel/speakeasy where the mystery takes place :-)

Corinna Makris said...

Fillyjonk - I love that you told us about your engagement! In retrospect I wish I had shared more on the blog about becoming engaged and planning the wedding.

Rachel - ah yes the naturally curly hair. I have finally made my piece with it. I also looked at Andy and Minnie's hair with envy because mine was always such a pile of frizz. But I have learned -- alcohol free products and minimal touching make for soft ringlets.

Corinna Makris said...

jogeek that sounds like so much fun! We usually end up watching the ball drop on tv with some Italian take-out. Last year we fell asleep before 11:00 PM. Rachel claims to be "an old married couple" but I found it to be really romantic.