Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Mars is in Retrograde

I really am a lucky woman. I know that I am...and yet...I still find things to complain about.

Reasons why I am so lucky:

1. I live in the wealthiest country in the world - go ahead England I dare you to put up your plumbing against ours - I promise you our pipes rule!

2. I have a husband who cares about what I want and who listens to my opinions. We're talking big hunk of wonderful man here people. And he wins every tug-of-war. Honest. He's got muscles that go on forever. Niiiiiice.

3. I have access to excellent dental care. Again England...take note.

4. I weigh more today than when we met and he tells me that he doesn't notice and that I am still the most beautiful woman in the world. You see what I mean?

What made me so angry yesterday that I told above mentioned angel of a husband that I was leaving after eight months of marriage and four years of being together. Honestly, I'm not sure. My temp assignment ended early and I was feeling blue but it wasn't his fault so why did I take it out on him? I guess because he was there. I won't be leaving him but sometimes that's how I feel in the middle of a fight. Like it's hopeless and that there's no point in talking so I'm leaving.

I know that if I tell him that I'm angry, while I'm angry, that we are going to fight. But if I wait until I'm not angry anymore I won't feel like telling I crank up the beeotch meter to eleven and let him have it. It's not like he didn't do anything to get my panties in a twist...oh he did something all right. He left a dish in the sink instead of putting it in the dish washer for one thing and then he left a beer bottle on the counter and didn't put it in the recycling! See he deserved something. It's just that he didn't deserve the Spanish Inquisition and no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. Whoops - how did Monty Python get in here? Get thee back to England knave! Back to your inferior plumbing and disdain for dental hygiene.

See what I mean? What did England do to deserve my cyber fury? I'm gonna take a hot bath and cook my husband a please-don't-stay-mad-at-me dinner.


Anonymous said...

I always feel like shutting up shop each time the moon is full, it's the only time I feel good about being single, because I don't think any guy would put up with me during those times.

Unknown said...

Somehow we just expect the ones we love to KNOW when we're having a bad day/week/month/moment, and the fact that maybe they don't and they make it worse, even with something like a dish, puts us over the edge!