Friday, December 7, 2007

Santa Got Run Over By 18-wheeler, Jogging Home From My House Christmas Eve

Please visit the enormously entertaining discussion at Shapely Prose on the matter of the U.S. Surgeon General declaring that Santa is too fat and must trim down to save our children from the horrors of fat. Oh how I love ya Katie!

My comment on this:

Coming soon to a theater near you!

Santa Claws and his Ninja Reindeer.
A new and improved cybertronic Santa on the busiest night of the year with top level clearance at SAS, Mossad, FBI and MI5.

And wait until you see the action figure! The new “Randy Santy” comes complete with washboard abs, on-board missile control system with lasers,bionic implants (we can’t tell you where but Mrs. Claws has been getting a real workout lately…wink wink nudge nudge) all so he can take on the Axis of Evil while delivering toys to good girls and boys…but not the fat ones. Because fat kills. Everybody knows that.

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