Thursday, December 6, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

Full Figured Shopping Site Soon to Re-Launch!

I am working full time getting the new and improved This Lush Life: Online Mall for Fuller Figures ready for launch. Gone the purple (well maybe I'll keep just a little), gone the circles. In it's place a much simpler site design making it easier to navigate. There will be more of everything for your shopping pleasure. More full figured fashion and more categories like, Gourmet Food, Home Organization, Shoes and Accessories and Travel. Coming soon. Really. That's what my web-designers say...soon.

As always I will only feature plus size clothing from web sites using plus size models. So you won't find those catalogs that advertise that they sell "Size 14W-Size 44W" exclusively but insist on using size 4 models. Seriously people -- stop shopping there. I will have more to say about this subject soon.

With all the hubbub (is that a real word?) I have fallen behind on my reading. I've been traveling a lot as you know and I've barely perused any blogs, newspapers or magazines for several months while traveling to events to meet you -- my beloveds.

So rather than pretend that I was the first to think of commenting on this or that, today I will be shamelessly culling postings from bloggers that I admire. Those people who take the time to read the news and then comment on their blogs and don't use their own readers as an excuse for being too busy to post. Like I just did.

This piece of information was totally stolen from Full Figure Plus posted on November 28, 2007.

Monif C., has been nominated for New York Citysearch: Best Women's Clothing. This is a great opportunity to support plus size women's clothing boutiques in New York City.

My friends living in other parts of the country are so surprised when I tell them that there are only a couple. Monif C., and Lee Lee's Valise. We don't even have a Torrid. Unlike my lucky friend it up in Chi Town and shopping at Torrid anytime she wants. Although she longs for Marshall Fields.

And for a bit of bragging (but what else is new?), this past summer Monif let me try on a dress that had been designed specifically for Queen Latifah, which by the way, fit perfectly so 'Tifah sweetie, if you're reading this and you feel like cleaning out your closet...gimme a call ok?

More items from other blogs coming soon!


Kate Harding said...

Unlike my lucky friend it up in Chi Town and shopping at Torrid anytime she wants.

Actually, the closest Torrid is quite a haul from where I live, though at least it CAN be done. And you do have to come back here so we can go to Vive la Femme. :)

Can't wait to see the new site!

Glen said...

LOL @ Shameless self promotion. You can "steal" content from me anytime. Good to see that your getting back into the swing of things.

Can you put me in touch with your web designers? Full Figure Plus needs a make over.